• July 1, 2015

A Conversation with John Reeves: Part 1

July is traditionally the month that RADIUS Church celebrates it’s anniversary. As we begin this July, Founding Pastor and current Pastor of RADIUS: White Knoll, John Reeves, sat down with Andy Ott for a conversation. Topics ranged from “What were you dreaming about 12 years ago when we started?” to “What brings you the most joy?”. In honor of our anniversary this month, we’ll share more portions of this interview in the coming days.

In this first video they talk about what John’s hopes were for RADIUS Church back in 2003 when he and Cheryl moved to Columbia. Through the conversation, God’s faithfulness to RADIUS Church is evident. Our challenge continues to be great priests in Lexington by knowing our neighbors and praying for them.

Post Series: A Conversation