Luke 18:15-17

We took a short pause from our study of 1 Corinthians (directly) to explore how the Church is to interact with children. RADIUS Kids Pastor, Benji Leverentz, helped us to look at the primary responsibility of Christian parents – to bring their children to Jesus. Aside from the parents’ responsibility to raise and point their children to Jesus, the Church also has a role to play in helping parents. The Church is meant to reflect the glory of God. Tying back to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, we looked briefly at 1 Corinthians 12:27 and at how each member of the Church is meant to play a role. The community that we find in the members of the Church is meant to help us as we live out our faith and this includes in how we raise and disciple our children. We’ve made some resources available to you with our Family Discipleship Team blog. Each month we’re endeavoring to equip you with supplemental resources and a coaching video on how to implement some ways to disciple your children. Our Family Discipleship team is here to help. You can reach out here.

If you would like to talk more about how your story and the Gospel connect, we would love to hear from you. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them here.


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