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For several days we’ve all watched the news. In the last 24 hours we’ve seen the reports of flooding and damage to places we’ve just recently seen untouched by water. Like you, I’m asking questions about helping those who have been displaced or who’ve experienced damage.  There is a process to recovery, and we want to participate when needed.

We are currently in a series about being sent.  The idea is rooted in that being a good priest goes to God on behalf of people and goes to people on behalf of God. Within our local community, we have a great opportunity to practice what we preach by being sent.

4 Things You Can Do Today

There are things we can do now.

  1. Check on your neighbors and local family. Take baked goods – cookies, cakes, bread.  Ask them if they’re ok. The reality is we all have shared anxiety about the unknown effects of the storms around us.  Letting people know you care is a great gift.
  2. Call your co-workers.  Ask if there is damage to their homes that needs to be addressed.
  3. Listen to authorities.  Don’t go around barricades to blocked roads.  Obey the request for curfew.
  4. Share facts. Social media is great for maintaining connections but social media can be bad for propagating rumors.  Our first responders are answering hundreds of calls and we don’t need to add to their workload.

Coordinated Clean-Up Efforts

We all want to help! In the coming days and weeks there will be lots of opportunities to do so. However, we are in a holding pattern until the rains subside, waters recede, and evaluation can be done. RADIUS is currently connected with the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief group and the Town of Lexington Officials and are awaiting their instructions. They understand that we have folks willing and ready to go. Until we hear from them, continue to love your neighbors well and look out for opportunities to serve in your radius whether that be helping patch a roof or simply sharing your time and resources.

Continued Communications

We are continuing to reach out to local agencies and monitor for opportunities to serve. We will plan to communicate additional information and opportunities tomorrow by 5PM.

Closing Thoughts

I love receiving texts from people in our community offering their homes to those in need. I appreciate the desire to respond for cleanup efforts.  Let’s continue to be patient as the waters recede and be ready when called.

Chris Seeby

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  1. Tina Owens

    As soon as I can get out of my house (our road is washed out) I would like to help with Red Criss or anything else Radius needs. Please contact me when the time comes!
    Tina Owens

  2. Kathy Aull

    I called the office after seeing Todd’s message concerning helping with flood victims on Facebook.
    I would like to help tomorrow, Saturday. Let me know when and where; 803-447-4710

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