Opportunities to Serve Today

Old Mill (Watershed Fellowship)

Overnight and early this morning we learned of an opportunity to help at the Old Mill. We’ll be working with Kevin Thumpston of The Watershed Fellowship to help clean up their meeting area as well as other parts of the Old Mill. We will be working in 2 shifts: 11AM – 2PM and 2PM – 6PM. If you would like to help, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The lower parking lot has been washed out, but there is parking in the upper lot (behind the Old Mill Brewpub and Iron Mary’s).
  2. A check-in location is being setup near the lower entrance to the Old Mill (where the coffee shop used to be). Please check-in when you arrive and you will be placed to work either in the Watershed or with another Old Mill tenant.
  3. Please wear work boots and bring work gloves. There are a variety of jobs to be done (from moving books to moving / cleaning up brick and stone debris).
  4. If you have clear plastic tubs, Kevin has requested them to help move and store some of the books that are salvageable.
  5. If you have steel-tine rakes, shovels or other clean-up related tools, please bring them as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Zach Farrar (803-767-2472) as he will be acting as the RADIUS Site Coordinator for the Old Mill.

Continued Communications

We are continuing to reach out to local agencies and monitor for opportunities to serve. We will plan to communicate additional information and opportunities tomorrow by 5PM.

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