Opportunities to Serve Today

Old Mill (Watershed Fellowship)

We are serving today at the Old Mill with The Watershed Fellowship. Here are some details:

10:00-4:00 (This is a time change per The Watershed Fellowship)

  • Adults and Teens (6th grade and up) only due to the type of work.
  • Bring masks and gloves and box cutters. It would be great to have an experienced carpenter type for each zone. So let us know as you arrive.
  • We will be cutting Sheetrock, bagging it and piling it in each zone (5 zones).
  • We will be pulling carpet in a couple rooms and wet vacuuming.
  • We will be hauling all the debris once dumpsters are emptied.
  • The back area will need some experienced guys since they will be cutting down a couple trees.

If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Crews (803-968-5707) as he will be acting as the RADIUS Site Coordinator for the Old Mill today.

Additional Updates

Call Center

RADIUS will be acting as the call center for all non-emergency requests for assistance in the Town of Lexington. We have set up a special page on our website for folks to volunteer or to request assistance.

Generosity Update

Thanks to your continued generosity and the generosity of some other folks in our town, we were able to send 2 tractor trailer loads of water to Downtown Columbia yesterday (45 pallets / load) and 2 more are in transit today (one to the Atlas Road area and another to the City of Manning, SC).

Continuing Forward - Additional Opportunities

Today our Staff team will be scouting additional opportunities to serve over the weekend. If you would like to serve, please stay tuned for additional information in the coming days.

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    1. admin

      Thanks for letting us know you are interested in serving. The best way to stay in the loop would be to fill out the “I Want To Volunteer” form at http://www.radiuschurch.org/scflood/ so we can keep track of you. We are currently seeing lots of applications for volunteers so we will do our best to pair you with needs as they come in. Thanks again!

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