Upcoming Partner Meeting: May 6, 2017 | 6PM

As I mentioned, please plan to join us for a very important Partner Meeting on Saturday, May 6 at 6PM. We’ll gather to worship, pray and talk about what’s coming for RADIUS Church in the next few months and over the next few years. If you have questions about what I discussed in my video, I’ve included a short primer below.

Multi-site: FAQ’s

1. What is multi-site?

A multi-site church is one church that meets in multiple locations. The multi-site church strategy has been around for more than 10 years and is now nationwide. You can view this as simply as overflow seating, or as complex as a growth strategy to reach into new communities. Some churches transmit video to each location while others utilize multiple teachers to preach sermons at the different sites. In either case, multisite churches create multiple worship opportunities in different spaces with a variety of different styles and personalities.

2. I thought we were about church planting. Why are we now considering multi-site?

RADIUS Church is committed to church planting and we want every church to plant one church every three years. We are currently planning to multiply the four existing churches into eight churches within then next 18-24 months. We’re having to consider multi-site in Lexington because of the recent growth we’ve experienced. Did you know that in 2016 our church grew by 30%? This high growth rate is causing us to evaluate every area of ministry and how we can care for the new people coming to RADIUS currently. Did you know that 200,000 new people are expected to move to Lexington in the next 20-40 years? This doubling of our town’s population is causing us to evaluate a long term strategy to care for the people that are coming to our town that we don’t know yet. Both church planting and multi-site strategies will help us do this in the coming 10-20 years.

3. You mentioned our elders have talked to other churches / church leaders who have done multi-site. Which churches / leaders have you talked to?

For many years, our church is fortunate to have solid friend relationships with other churches. The closest relationship we enjoy is with Grace Church in Greenville. Grace is 25 years old and is now 6 sites with 6000 people worshiping across those sites. They use multi-site as a tool to capture the momentum of their growing church to make it feel smaller to those who call Grace home. Additionally, we have relationships through a leadership group of pastors across the country. Some of those churches include North Coast Church in California, and 12Stone Church in Atlanta. One of the churches that John Reeves planted before RADIUS is now using multi-site in Atlanta, and we’ve also been in contact with them.

4. What are the advantages of multi-site?

Multi-site offers several unique advantages as a strategy for capturing momentum.  Statistically, people that attend a multi-site church are more engaged in the daily life of the church, and are more likely to invite their friends and neighbors to visit. This correlation is related to the local church being located closer to their homes and inside the smaller community they feel most connected to (i.e. Gilbert inside Lexington County, or River Bluff inside of Lexington Town Limits, etc.).

5. What are some disadvantages of multi-site?

For the churches that have chosen multi-site, you don’t hear many complaints from those who attend. We’ve heard from those church leaders that multi-site requires a higher degree of organization and communication. For us at RADIUS these are two factors we’ve spent lots of time discussing. Not that we’re opposed to organization and communication, but rather additional layers of organization and more formal communication could change the way it feels to be at RADIUS. Over and over we hear about our church being real and authentic… we are working hard to make sure we don’t lose those qualities.

6. I want to pray strategically. Can you provide some specific things I could pray for?

Prayer is what our church needs most. Pray that God would speak to you about what’s right for our church going forward. We feel responsible for the resources He’s given us to manage and we take seriously the role of managers. We want to make a good economic decision. Pray for our stewardship of God’s money. We also want to make a good decision for the people who aren’t here yet. Pray that we would have the right sized vision for what RADIUS could be in 10-20 years. Pray for unity among our church and our relationship with other churches in Lexington.

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