John 5:1-18

For the next several months we will be walking through the life and teachings of Jesus as told to us by someone who walked with Him, the Apostle John.

We jumped into John chapter 5 this week and looked at the healing of the paralytic man at the pool. The man had been paralyzed for 38 years when Jesus came along and commanded him to stand up, take up his mat and walk. The exchange is odd in that there is no indication that the man exhibited any faith in Jesus…just that he was healed by Jesus’ power. Further, the healing occurred on the Sabbath. After the man tells the Pharisees that it was Jesus who healed him and told him to take up his mat, the Jewish leaders begin to look for a way to “get” Jesus on a technicality. While there are several teaching points that could be made, this week we camped out on the idea of how the Sabbath was made for man – not man for the Sabbath. Perhaps our fast-paced, uber-productive, multi-tasking world could learn a few things from actually slowing down enough (and trusting God enough) to allow ourselves to rest (as was God’s design in the beginning) for one day to remember Him and trust Him to be our Provider. By performing this miracle on the Sabbath, Jesus was picking a fight with the Pharisees about who the Sabbath was really for – was it created to force man’s submission or was it to point people to God? Where do you struggle to slow down and trust Jesus to provide for you?

Have you had an opportunity recently where you’ve been able to share the Gospel with someone else? Have you recently heard the Gospel from someone and would like to know more about following Jesus? If you would like to begin a conversation about following Jesus or would like to talk more about how your story and the Gospel connect, we would love to hear from you.

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