• September 4, 2015

We Can Be Bold Through Adversity

A Brief Recap

Over the last few weeks we have been walking through the life of Joseph. Our journey began as we reviewed God’s story from Creation through His covenant with Abraham. We were reminded of the overwhelmingness of God as He is writes a bigger story, and we were challenged by His invitation to participate in it. In our second week we began to look at the life of Joseph. As Joseph’s story began, we were pointed to the personal nature of God as He was with Joseph through several painful events (sold into slavery, wrongfully accused and imprisoned, etc.). We were reminded that God is faithful through our pain and offers us opportunities to grow in our faith through trials.

Boldness In The Face Of Adversity

This week we continued our journey through the life of Joseph, and we saw that even though Joseph was going through some difficult circumstances that were part of God’s bigger story, he did not passively wait for God to change things. Instead, Joseph was faithful to God and to God’s plan. He was also bold in telling others about God and God’s plan.

While Joseph was in the prison after being wrongfully accused by Potiphar’s wife, he had an encounter with the chief baker and the chief cupbearer – both personal attendants to Pharaoh. Joseph boldly inquired of them about the change in their dispositions and he asked them why they are so worried. When they explained that they had dreams that they did not understand, Joseph quickly pointed them to the Almighty God as the only one who interprets dreams (Genesis 40:8). After hearing their dreams, Joseph correctly interprets them. Joseph gave the chief cupbearer’s dream a favorable interpretation and then asked the chief cupbearer to remember Joseph before Pharaoh so that he might release Joseph from prison. As the interpretations of the dreams played out three days later, the chief cupbearer does not remember Joseph before Pharaoh and two more years pass before Pharaoh has a dream that prompts the chief cupbearer to remember Joseph.

Joseph is brought before Pharaoh. Joseph is given opportunity to have audience with the most powerful man in Egypt. He languished in prison for at least 2 years and he was fully aware that if he offended Pharaoh in any way he could be sent back to prison – or worse – killed on the spot. But again, Joseph was bold and pointed Pharaoh to God as the ultimate interpreter of dreams. When Joseph told Pharaoh the meaning of the dreams and gave Pharaoh instructions on how to handle the seven good years and the seven years of famine, Pharaoh and his officials took notice and Joseph was given full control over Egypt – second only to Pharaoh. (Genesis 40:37-46)

Heart Change Leads To Redemption

At the beginning of Joseph’s story, we were introduced to an immature young man to whom God speaks through dreams. Joseph’s proud announcements and interpretations of his dreams caused great strife within his family. Now, thirteen years later, Joseph has matured. As a more mature man of thirty, he attributes his ability to interpret dreams to God – pointing everyone to the Creator instead of to himself. Joseph’s trials changed his heart. God used the bigger story that He is writing to transform Joseph from a passive, coddled, immature young man into a bold, faithful, servant of the King. Ultimately, Joseph’s maturity and new-found depth of character will be used to redeem his entire family. This redemption sets the stage for God to fulfill His promise to Abraham of a great nation that will bring about blessing to the whole world through the birth of the Messiah, Jesus.

Opportunities To Show Heart Change

As you see God’s story being written in your life, are there places where you have opportunities to be bold?

Are there conversations that you need to have this week that require boldness?

Do you need to tell someone a hard truth?

Do you need to take the focus off of yourself and point others back to the Creator?

God uses trials and adversity to mold and grow us (and our faith) as He writes His redemption story. Our responsibility, like Joseph, is not only to participate in God’s story as passive characters, but to help tell others about God’s story with humble confidence.

Want to Talk About It?

Do you have questions about your place in God’s story? Do you have questions about God’s activity in your life? We’d love to help by walking with you. You can reach out to us and begin a conversation.

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