Summer Training Groups

College Group

Zach Farrar

Home from college for the summer? Not sure what to do after work or your internship each day? Our college group is going to spend a lot of time hanging out, hitting the lake, and enjoying the summer. We’ll also meet on Sunday nights at 7pm each week to read through the book of Mark together. Whether you’ve been in church for a long time or are curious about what Jesus is really all about, we’ve got a spot for you.

Sundays 6:30PM

June 5 - August 13

How to Read Your Bible

Zach Farrar

The Bible points us to enter into a vibrant, joy-filled relationship with God. But have you ever opened it and thought “what the heck does that mean?” Join us this June and July for “How to Read the Bible for all it’s Worth.” We’ll spend a lot of time talking about how to understand what God has written, how it points us to know Him, and how it impacts how we live every day.

Thursdays 7PM

June 16 - July 21

Men's Roundtable

John Reeves & Ryan Molony

A major part of the Christian life is developing a regular pattern of spending time with God, but it can be tough to know exactly where to start. All men, young and old, are invited to gather as we learn a few tips that will show you how to make and keep your appointments with the Lord. The format is simple: we’ll eat a biscuit, get coached up, and respond in prayer.

Tuesdays 6:30AM

June 21 - July 19

Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People

Brian Kirkland

What does a spiritually mature person even look like? Why does it seem so hard and go so slowly? If you’ve ever been frustrated in your walk with Jesus or wondered if real change was possible, this class is for you. Come find joy and freedom through the healthy habits of Christians throughout the centuries: slowing down, reflecting on Scripture, praying, and receiving guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Wednesdays 7PM

July 6 - August 3

Ladies' Roundtable

Trisha Kirkland

Ladies, come learn how your individual times with God can fill your ordinary world with new meaning, hope, and a joyous closeness to Jesus. We’ll hang out, enjoy some dessert and each other’s company, and then Trisha Kirkland will lead a time of teaching, discussion, and prayer. Make plans to invite a friend and come! Childcare is provided.

Sundays 7PM

July 10 - August 6


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