RADIUS Partners want to stand up and be counted on. They desire to play a critical role on the team. The don’t see the church as a place to come and receive religious goods and services, but rather as a people doing God’s work in their radius. Simply put, partners want to carry real weight, not just a title. They want to be an active member of RADIUS’ team, not just a fan in the bleachers.

The Partnership Process

Partnering with RADIUS is a simple process. If you are new to RADIUS, or simply have questions about our goals, beliefs, or leadership, then you need to attend a Next Steps. This gathering gives you an opportunity to meet some of RADIUS’ leadership and get your questions answered. Sign up for Next Steps here.

After completing Next Steps, you will have the opportunity to sign up for Partner. At Partner you will share a dinner with others committing to RADIUS by signing a Partner Covenant. (view sample Covenant)

Chris Seeby| Executive Pastor

About me:

When I’m away from RADIUS I enjoy time on Lake Murray during the summer and hunting in the Fall/Winter.These days we spend lots of time watching soccer games, listening to a beginning trumpet player and learning how to navigate kindergarten. Any time spent training my dog (Deacon) is also a treat for me.

As a Clemson Graduate (’98) I feel it my duty to employee as many orange brethren as possible and bless our church with as much orange as able.

My family – Cortney, Frankie, Braxton and Lil will forever be grateful to RADIUS for the opportunities we’ve been given to serve here.