• May 19, 2015

Esther’s Story: A Brief Overview

Esther was a Jewish exile who was taken in by her uncle Mordecai, a kings guard around 479 B.C.. During the reign of King Xerxes, his queen, Vashti, disrespected him (Esther 1) and it led to a decree from Xerxes to find him a new queen. Esther was young and beautiful. Based on her beauty and appeal she was chosen as the next Queen.

At that time, an evil aid to the King, Haman, had crafted a plan to kill the Jewish exiles. Esther’s uncle, Mordecai, caught wind of the plot and alerted Esther. She showed great risk in approaching the King and asking for him to grant her request for a banquet with Haman. The king was gracious and granted her request and during the banquet she brought Haman’s plot to light. The king sentenced Haman to death.

As we walk through her story, it can be broken down in to 3 main parts:
1. Esther used her gifts to go to people on behalf of God (Esther 1-2)
2. Esther prayed to God on behalf of people (Esther 5-6)
3. Esther risked for her people (Esther 7-8)

Tying It All Together

This series should help generate some conversations at home. Below you will find some questions to help you start and continue those conversations.

Week 1:
* What do you think are your gifts? Explain.
* What are some opportunities for you to bring Jesus glory as you finish up the school year? During the summer?

Week 2:
* How did Esther save Mordecai from being killed?
* Who is someone in your life that deserves a lot of respect/honor? Why?

Week 3:
* Esther took spiritual responsibility for her people. What does it look like to take spiritual responsibility in your school? Explain.
* What are some ways that you can use your gifts to physically do something to bring Jesus glory? Explain.

Is there anything cool happening in your student? We want to share-in and celebrate life change wherever it occurs. Email Shawn with any stories of God working in your student.