• June 25, 2015

Next Week

June 29-July 3

HS Serve Week @ Salkahatchie

(sign ups are complete but please pray for our students and send bottled water if you’d like to support)

I hope you are all getting a great start to the summer! So far our high school students have enjoyed time together at the pool along with a trip to the National White Water Center earlier today (check out the pics on our FB page) where we bonded through gripping a raft together and coaching each other through the obstacle course 40ft in the air!

For those of you who don’t know me, I wanted to take a minute and share a little about my family along with why we’re here. My wife and I have been married for eight years and have two boys – Liam (4) & Jude (2). I have done work both in the market place and in vocational full-time ministry. The cool part is that my previous season in vocational ministry was right here in Lexington with RADIUS! In the most recent season of life, I worked in the market place in Greenville where God allowed us to have a lot of influence in the workplace and spend some quality time with our families who live there.

Why are we back?

You might be asking why we came back. Well, we really felt like our work here was not done. That God had plans for us here with this community and the people of Lexington. And no matter how much we tried to run from it, God continued to push us back toward it and toward RADIUS. So here we are. Meg and I are passionate about God’s purpose for marriage, the way he weaves adoption into peoples stories, parenting in a biblical way, and helping students find their way in life and in following Jesus. We believe in teaching boys to be men and how to lead in a Godly way at a young age and helping young ladies learn what it means to have healthy Christian community that will esteem them and solidify their identity in Christ.

Our hope for the future…

We believe that a high school student can truly own their faith. It is our desire to build a ministry that will catalyze real life change and that will lead to real faith. We want to see students begin to impact their radius through becoming priests and ultimately making more priests. We feel like the only way to do this is through intentional discipleship. That means RADIUS coming along-side parents to equip and assist in discipling their students along with surrounding our students with a solid leadership team that has some real life experience and can do life with them. We’re excited to believe that God would do something with our students that could really have an impact on a culture that is driving students away from the Church and away from Jesus.

What now?

All that said, I did want to bring you all up to speed on our plans for the rest of the summer. We’re going to use our time together to build community, plan some fun events, and also do some outreach. These will be designed specifically to invite friends in an effort to leverage your influence in our community. Some of these events will fall on Wednesdays but many will be on the weekends. With everyone’s busy vacation schedules as well as the flexibility that summer brings, we will not be having our regularly scheduled student meeting on Wednesday nights.

It is my desire this summer to get to know each of you and your families individually while also building a solid leadership team to help us launch back into the school year and impact our RADIUS in a real way. We will keep you posted as the summer progresses on events and what lies ahead in the fall. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to hear more about where we are going. I would love it if you would join me – parents and students – as we have faith together that God would do something awesome!