Hello RADIUS Partners!

Thanks for watching the video. After it was recorded there were a few things I wanted to make clear.

1. When I said our elders thought we should “do both”, I was referring to us opening an additional site for our church to meet, in addition to our current site on Main Street in Lexington.

2. When I said we were considering building something on Main Street, I need to clarify that it is still undecided what that building would look like or where it would be placed… we just know we need more space.

3. Additionally, after filming, I realized I didn’t acknowledge the construction that is currently happening on Main St. Things are going well, and a short update might be helpful:

A. Our outdoor Kids Space has had the concrete poured. Next week we should begin the work on framing the columns and the exterior metal being extended to the length of the building.

B. Lexington Arms – demolition should be finished this week on the two large interior rooms. We will begin working on the exterior in early July.

C. Cleaners – This is our new staff office space. A new HVAC system was installed last week and we’re expecting the electrician to arrive at any moment to connect it to electricity.

As I mentioned in my email, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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