• September 9, 2015

Zach Farrar | Groups Coordinator

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about all of the great ways you can engage in community here at RADIUS. In this final post we wanted to take a minute to tell you about a new set of offerings in our Community Groups Catalog: RADIUS U.

Do you remember your last day of school? The last exam you took? The feeling of relief and freedom that came from getting your high school or college diploma? The sweeping realization that your nights would no longer be crowded with half-productive, half-distracted studying of algebra, the solar system, or the biology of endangered fungi?

Most of us left school with a grin on our face and a promise to ourselves, explicit or subconscious, that we would never go back. “Never again,” I told my wife this past May when I finished my last online class for college. After so many years of mandated education (and then for many of us, at least a few more of vocational or collegiate instruction) the tendency for many of us is to want to kick up our feet, watch some TV, and let that Philosophy 101 book rot in the landfill.

Despite our initial elation at being done with formal education, we all eventually realize as adults that to totally stop learning in life is not an option. Every new phase and season comes with a learning curve. Starting our first job requires learning how to manage our personal budget, meeting deadlines, understanding workplace dynamics, and balancing work with the rest of life. Marriage has it’s own learning curve – always being together. Gone are the days of seeing your significant other for their best four hours of the day. Marriage removes that porcelain finish and replaces it with morning breath, days of inexplicable grumpiness, and a thousand other idiosyncrasies you never saw coming. And the list goes on and on – buying your first house, having your first child, having your second child, coaching your first little league baseball team, juggling your family and your extended family, and on and on.

Life Long Learning

The truth is, we are always learning and should always be learning because we are not infinitely wise or knowledgeable. The moment we feel like we have a handle on one area of life (like a new job), it seems like another unknown comes our way (like having your first child). In short, the learning never stops, and never should stop.

In fact, learning should grow more practical and vital to life everyday. We could spend all day learning about USC or Clemson football scouting reports or playing armchair quarterback over the latest game, but as we move through life and beyond the mandatory education of childhood, the questions we ask become even more important. What is God like? How can I know Him? Why is the world so messed up? How does my faith impact my family? My work? My finances?

These are all good and important questions we need to intentionally seek answers to.


That’s why we are starting RADIUS U. With the myriad concerns we all have, our natural tendency is to never prioritize time or space to learn about the increasingly practical, and vital concerns of life. So this Fall we are offering our first ever RADIUS U Community Groups – groups designed to give us all some time and space to think, reflect, ask questions, and grow through learning together.

What are these two groups?

Financial Peace University:

Led by Bob Berry, a financial advisor and planner with decades of experience in the financial world, Financial Peace University is a group designed to show us all how to live in a complex economic world. From setting a budget to discharging debt to planning for retirement and the role of generous giving in the life of those who follow Jesus. This group is a phenomenal spot to stop, ask hard questions, get answers, and apply them everyday in our lives.

Eat this Book:

The Bible is the main tool God has given us to know Him. But let’s be honest, there are some really confusing parts – like the Book of Revelation or Isaiah and Ezekiel. Even some of the straightforward parts are confusing. Does Jesus really expect us to gouge out our eyes if they lead us to sin (Matt. 5:29-30)? If not, what was He really trying to teach us? What does the Bible say about living in a world that is increasingly hostile to living a holy life? How should we treat our neighbors who don’t know Jesus? This group seeks to answer these questions by equipping us all to understand better how to read the Bible. We’ll study, ask hard questions, look for satisfying (not superficial) answers, and grow closer to the Lord together as we read His Word and apply it in our lives in this group.

What’s Your Next Step?

We invite you to join one of these RADIUS U Community Groups this Fall. While it may be easy to find a million excuses why it won’t fit our schedule, we encourage you to think about what you’ll gain from joining either of these groups. We never stop learning – join us this fall to make sure what we’re learning is worth the time and the effort.

If you have any questions about RADIUS U or if you need any guidance on where you might fit best, I’d love to talk to you. You can reach out to me here.

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