Male & Female – Genesis 2:18-25

“A woman as an image bearer: reflects this desire of God to express beauty, promote delight, rest and refuge.”

– Stasi Eldridge, Captivating

In the third week of our series, John addressed how ladies bear the image of God. He talked extensively about how the world (and the enemy) want nothing more than to steal these truths from women. Eve was the crescendo of all creation and the pinnacle of beauty. Women were created to be inviting, nurturing and the complementary partner to men. Our society wants to tell them otherwise, and in the process, steal their beauty and joy. John also talked about how these key traits, when pushed to sinful extremes can cause pain in life. Ladies, do you struggle to be inviting? Do you feel like you aren’t beautiful? Has someone stolen your joy? There is great news! Jesus was the ultimate inviter by inviting us into relationship with Himself through His sacrifice on the cross.

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Apply It At Home

We’ve tailored this series to be applied at home. You can download the Family Discipleship Guide each week to use around your kitchen table or download the entire 11-week Guide as a PDF right here. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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