• June 11, 2015

Ordinary People

Brian Kirkland | Community Groups Pastor

If you’ve kept up with our recent blog series, ‘A Summer Rest’, you’ll know that as a church we are being more deliberate in the rhythms we establish for ourselves, particularly when it comes to our church calendar. As part of that, we look to the Fall and Spring as our seasons to connect with others through our community groups, while setting aside Summer for our group leaders and members to rest, recharge, and enjoy all the pleasures summertime has to offer (vacations, cookouts, trips to the lake, etc). In addition to creating space for us to rest, this season also affords us the opportunity to be intentional as we consider another important topic: gender.

Why does RADIUS feel it important to take the summer months to talk about this subject? In short, I can’t think of a time in human history where the idea of being male and female has been as distorted and warped as it is today. Hollywood tabloids and blogs scream one message, 21st century ‘experts’ share another, and even in our churches we find a variety of definitions.  In the midst of the cacophony and with Scripture as our guide, we need to pause and relearn what an ordinary man and woman looks like. In broad strokes, what this entails for us is to think deeply about God’s ideas of masculinity and femininity and discuss how these differences play out practically in the wisest and most beautiful of ways.

More specifically, here’s what that looks like for us: We are calling all our men together for six Tuesday mornings, beginning June 23, for Men’s Roundtable. The format is simple: we will eat, pray, and learn what it means for men to gladly assume their role of sacrificial responsibility. I am also excited to share we will be hosting our first Ladies Roundtable, where we call all women to join us for four Sunday evenings beginning July 12 for a time of connection, laughter, and equipping in God’s word. You can find out more details for each of those events by clicking their links above or by visiting our Events page.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  Please feel free to contact me at brian@radiuschurch.org.