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In August 2015, we started the process of transition at RADIUS Church by announcing the departure of Todd Carnes as Lead Pastor. We continue to be thankful to Todd Carnes and his family for their investment in our church.

Since then we have been on a journey…

That journey was both a spiritual journey and a strategic one. The spiritual side of the journey included extended time in prayer and searching Scripture for our responsibility as elders in times of transition. The strategic side of the journey included talking with our friends that lead other churches, engaging some of our partners within RADIUS Church, and assessing our strengths within our existing elder and staff teams.

Questions and Answers

That journey caused us to ask and then answer a few questions:

  1. What kind of church were we planted to be?
  2. What kind of church do we want to be?
  3. What kind of church does our community need us to be?

Through the process we were reminded that RADIUS was planted to be a church that makes an impact in our radius, in the lives of the people we see everyday. This includes being generous with our finances, inviting everyone to join us in community, and investing our time outside the walls of our church to love and serve our city. We rediscovered our desire to be a church that plants churches. This was especially meaningful as we remembered the work done early in Greenville, then again recently in White Knoll.  And finally, we were unified that our community needs us to be a church that is prophetic, faithful, generous, and rooted in God’s word.

As we evaluated 20 or so potential candidates we determined our best choice was someone we had known for many years. With lots of excitement we are pleased to announce that John Reeves will join our staff as Lead Pastor effective November 1, 2015.

A Little About John

John is a great guy, and he has several unique gifts. John has planted 8 churches. Several of us know him from his first church in Clemson, SC when we were undergrads 20 years ago. John has a strong prophetic gift, which allows him the ability to discern our culture and teach the Bible with an ‘edge’. John also has deep spiritual authority that derives from knowing Jesus since he was a young man, and diligently pursuing Him for several decades.

John’s family will also be an asset to our church.  He and Cheryl have been married 26 years and have 6 kids. From participating in basketball to delivering banana bread, they are serious in their pursuit of knowing their neighbors. As an extra gift to our church, we expect to benefit from the entire Reeves crew. Please join us in welcoming John and his family to RADIUS Church Lexington.

We want you to have the opportunity to meet John and get to know him better. Please plan to join us on November 8, 2015 at 6:30 pm at RADIUS. This will be your opportunity to hear from John and our Elder Team as we talk through the process that led us to this point.

What's Next?

We know that some of you will need a few days to think through the information we’ve shared with you. We also know there are some of you that are asking the question, “What’s next…?”

John will begin teaching on November 15th. On that day he will share his story at length, and some of the short-term plans that will carry us to the end of 2015. In January, he will share our plans for 2016 as we begin to complete and refine Vision 2017 – 1 School, 2 Churches, 3 Priests.

On November 22, 2015 we will adjust our service times to 9:15 and 11:15. We believe this will bring balance to our attendance, plus give us a chance to work with RADIUS White Knoll in sharing resources.

We hope you’re excited about this news!  We believe our new team will carry RADIUS forward as we begin a new chapter. Thank you for your support in recent months. We appreciate the prayers that were offered on our behalf. We dearly valued the kind notes that were shared.

We praise God for the unity found within our church. We are thankful to Him for giving us favor in our community. Join us in asking Him for more favor as we strive to make Him famous in our community.

RADIUS Elder Team

Chris Seeby
Brian Kirkland
Lin Keesey
Toby Kirkland
Tom Wood

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