We realize that no silver bullet exists to protect our children from pornography. Parents must constantly engage their children in the fight for honor and sexual integrity online. We hope the resources we have recommended here will help you continue an open conversation with your children so that their view of sexuality will be shaped not by online filth, but godly parenting.


One of the best options for blocking pornography is Internet filters. Three major filters we recommend parents consider are XXXChurch, Covenant Eyes, and Net Nanny. Each of these filters offer parents a variety of options from completely blocking adult content to emailing their child’s internet search history to a designated accountability partner. X3watch and Covenant Eyes also provide a smartphone app that parents can install on their children’s smartphones for further protection.

Part autobiography, part sociology study, Michael Leahy’s Porn Nation describes the devastating effect pornography has had on his life and numerous others. After 30 years of addiction to pornography, Michael came to faith in Jesus after he lost his job, family, and marriage to his addiction. In the ten years since his conversion, Michael has worked to educate others on pornography’s devastating consequences. Read more about how pornography slowly destroys any users life and how hope can be found in the Gospel in Porn Nation.

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Author and Christian leader Tim Challies has authored Sexual Detox as a practical guide to overcoming pornography addiction. From discussing pornography from a biblical perspective to offering practical guidance on killing sexual sin, this free E-book is an excellent resource for parents looking to understand the spiritual and practical impact of pornography as well as practical actions to overcome pornography in their children’s lives.

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PUREParenting is an website dedicated specifically to helping parents raise their children to live honorably in an increasingly sexualized culture. From counseling resources for families struggling with pornography addiction to practical advice on parenting and technology, this website is a great resource for parents to use as they develop their families own practical guidelines about technology.