97% of graduating seniors have been exposed to pornography. How do we stop this tidal wave of sexually explicit material? On this page you will find several “How-To” videos for parents to use to safeguard their families. From blocking the internet on your child’s smartphone to installing internet filters and being on the lookout for apps like Snapchat and FaceTime, these videos are designed to give you a good, simple explanation on practical steps your family can take to stand for honor and against pornography.

General Restrictions for Apple Devices

This introduction gives parents a great look into some basic general restrictions they can implement to protect our children on the internet.

Apple Awareness (iTunes, Apps & More)

This video details the different ways that parents can control what kind of music and apps their kids can gain access too. From blocking any downloads with parental permission to preventing kids from deleting suspicious apps so their parents can’t catch them, this tutorial will help parents protect their kids from gaining access to inappropriate material.

Privacy, Restricting Changes & iCloud

Follow these steps to protect the privacy of your child online and to make sure your kids do not undo all the boundaries you put in place on the iPhone/iPad or iPod.

Internet Filters & Accountability

Internet filters and accountability programs are a great tool for protecting your children from sexually explicit material online.

Practical Parenting

In this video, Toby describes some of the practical steps he and his wife take to protect their children online. Watch this video to gain insight into practical steps on guarding your kids while they use iMessage, internet browsers, social media, and apps.

Final Thoughts

A few concluding thoughts about the importance of awareness and action in protecting our children.