The Promise Reaffirmed

Genesis 25:19-26; 26:1-6; 28:10-22

On Sunday our RADIUS Kids continued our unit on God’s covenant with Abraham. In His covenant with Abraham, God promised land, descendants, and a blessing to all the nations of the earth. (Gen. 22:17-18) In our Bible story, God reaffirmed the promise to Abraham’s son Isaac and to his grandson Jacob. (Gen. 26:3-4; 28:13-14)

When Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, became pregnant with twins, the babies struggled with each other inside her. God explained their future. The older son (Esau) would serve the younger (Jacob). Their families would separate and become two nations, one stronger than the other. These things came true, but not in the way Isaac’s family would have expected. Jacob tricked his father and brother to steal the blessing. To escape his brother’s anger, Jacob fled to his uncle’s house.

On the way, God spoke to Jacob in a dream. Jacob saw a stairway to heaven, and he saw God there. God repeated the promise to Jacob. He promised to be with Jacob. We explained to your kids that, like the stairway in Jacob’s dream, Jesus bridges the gap between heaven and earth. (See John 1:51.) Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Sin separates people from God, but when people turn from their sin and trust in Jesus, Jesus brings them into God’s family.

Family Conversations and Activities

RADIUS Kids – Preschool

Family Discussion Starters:

  1. What did God promise? God promised to bless His people.
  2. God made His promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  3. God promised to send Jesus into Abraham’s family.
  4. God always keeps His promises.

Family Activities

  • Draw a family tree for your family to help your preschooler understand the concept of descendants. Compare your family to that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Bible Verse

God’s way (point both hands up) is perfect (two thumbs up).  2 Samuel 22:31 (Open your hands like a book).


RADIUS Kids – Elementary

Family Discussion Starters:

  1. What did God promise? God made a covenant to bless His people.
  2. God reminded Abraham’s family that He always keeps His promises.
  3. Abraham probably told Isaac and Jacob about God’s promise. Why do you think God chose to tell them Himself?

Family Activities:

  1. Draw a family tree and explain the concept of descendants.

Bible Verse

Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith. (Romans 4:3)

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