God Tested Abraham

Genesis 22:1-19

This week our RADIUS Kids learned about an event that occurred after Abraham and Sarah had their son of promise, Isaac. Abraham received another message from God.   God instructed Abraham to take his son Isaac and sacrifice him on a mountain God would tell him about.

Abraham had waited so many years for this child! But what did Abraham do? He woke up early the next morning and set out with Isaac to do what God commanded. By this point, Abraham had supreme faith that God was able to do anything. Hebrews 11:17-19 gives us a peek inside Abraham’s mind: “He considered God to be able even to raise someone from the dead.”

Abraham showed his love for God by being willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. God provided a ram for the burnt offering in place of Isaac, who was spared. This is how God showed His love for us: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross so that we could have eternal life through Him.

Family Conversations and Activities

RADIUS Kids – Preschool

Family Discussion Starters:

  1. Sometimes it is hard to obey. Tell about a time when obeying was hard for you.
  2. Abraham showed that he loved God most of all. What are some things you were tempted to love more than God?

Family Activities

  • With your child, collect several things around the house that are gifts from God. Talk about how each thing is a gift from God, and thank Him for each gift you’ve collected.

Bible Verse

Trust (hug yourself) in the Lord (point one index finger straight up above your head) with all (make big circles with both arms) your heart (put both hands over your heart) Proverbs 3:5 (hold your hands like an open book in front of you).

Craft Time in RADIUS KidsIMG_1630

RADIUS Kids – Elementary

Family Discussion Starters:

  1. What promises have you made? Did you keep them? Why or why not?
  2. Abraham had faith in God’s promise. What is faith? (See Hebrews 11:1)
  3. How has God bless your family?

Family Activities:

  1. Try to count the stars on a clear night. Remind kids that God always keeps His promises.
  2. Write a prayer to thank God for being faithful.

Bible Verse

Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith. (Romans 4:3)

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  1. Mohaned

    LDSSTITANIC: I know exactly what you mean. We are ftnourate to attend an Episcopal church that is conservative theologically (ie, no scriptural revisionism) but still has all that glorious liturgy. There’s nothing like a liturgical church for doing up the holidays in a big way too. All the candles, rituals .I love it at Christmas and Easter too. My favorite thing at Easter is how the night before the day we start the service in complete darkeness. And then, as Christ arises , so to speak, the lights turn on, we ring bells, and shout He is risen! I am enjoying all of these things even more so because we will be moving back to our home state in 5 months, and probably return to our old Church with its baptist traditions. I will miss the quiet, and the silence of the Anglican service. Oh well I’m thinking I’ll have to go seek out some Anglican/Episcopal services after we return to fulfill that need. Martin I was thinking about born to raise the sons of earth this morning at church too, while singing that carol. I was thinking about what that phrase really means to us (in an Ephesians chapter 1 kind of way) and how it differs from LDS theology.

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