• September 23, 2015

Cain and Abel

Genesis 4: 1-16, 25-26

Last Sunday’s Bible story showed how deeply sin infected Adam and Eve’s children. Imagine Adam and Eve’s joy as their family grew. With each birth, maybe Eve hoped that this son would be the one to end the curse of sin, to crush the head of the snake. (Gen. 3:15) But as her sons Cain and Abel grew up, she and Adam probably witnessed with grief how sin affects their own children. Cain was not the Promised One, and neither was Abel. Out of jealousy and anger, Cain killed Abel. God punished Cain by sending him away to wander the earth.

Some time later, Eve gave birth to another son. She named this baby Seth. Seth was not the Promised One either, but Jesus would come from Seth’s descendants. (See Luke 3:23-38.) Every baby was born a sinner—like his parents and like Adam and Eve. At just the right time, God would send His Son to be born to save sinners. (Heb. 11:13; Gal. 4:4) God always keeps His promises.

Family Conversations and Activities

RADIUS Kids – Preschool
1. Why did God create the world? God created the world for His glory.
2. What is sin? Sin is breaking God’s law.
3. God punished Cain for his sin.


Invite preschoolers to draw their families. Encourage them to tell about their families as they draw. As boys and girls work, draw a picture of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel.

Preschool Sunday Morning

RADIUS Kids – Elementary

1. Why did God create the world? God created the world and everything in it for His glory.
2. What is sin? Sin is breaking God’s law, and sin separates people from God.
3. Cain’s sin separated him from God and people.


As you drive to different activities throughout the week, talk about ways that God might use each activity as an offering to Him. Pray that you would give God glory through the activities.

Elementary Sunday Morning

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