• September 11, 2015

Our God Redeems

Over the last 4 weeks we have walked together through the life and story of Joseph. As we concluded his story this week there are a few key observations that are worth repeating from our time together in this series:

1. Our God is writing an eternal story in which we all have opportunity to participate. We began our study of Joseph by recapping the Creation story. In our review we began to look for a hero. By the time we reached Abraham and the covenant that God made with him, we saw that the Author Himself was the hero. Our overwhelming God and King is the Hero and the Author of an eternal redemption story. (Watch Week 1 here)

2. God, in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty, sometimes chooses to allow pain to press His plan forward in our lives. Joseph’s life shows us a great example of how trials and pain can be used to redeem. Jesus and the writers of the New Testament affirm this many times (John 16:33; James 1:2-4). We may not see the results on this side of eternity, but God is always pursuing our good and His glory. Joseph was sold into slavery, wrongfully accused, falsely imprisoned and left alone, but God was using it to bring about a change in Joseph.  (Watch Week 2 here)

3. We have a responsibility to tell God’s story in our lives with boldness to a lost and hurting world. In sharing God’s activity in our lives we bring Him glory and help point those in need to His greatness. Joseph embodies this as he steps up in situations that could have ended his life as he counsels Pharaoh. (Watch Week 3 here)

4. In the conclusion of Joseph’s story, we saw that God’s plan is always about bringing redemption. Joseph’s brothers (and eventually his entire family) are forced to come down to Egypt in search of grain and food by the famine. Joseph’s dreams from many years earlier are fulfilled as his brothers bow down before him. Instead of lording over them though, God’s work of pain and trial in Joseph seems to have changed him and Joseph deals with his brothers in love and grace. In the end, God’s work in Joseph’s story redeems his entire family. And in redeeming the family of Jacob, God sets the stage for growing the nation of Israel and eventually bringing about the redemption of the entire world through the family line in His Messiah, Jesus. (Watch Week 4 here)

As we wrap up this series, we were reminded of a song we sang a few weeks ago at RADIUS – Though You Slay Me. Take some time to reflect today on the lyrics (and the devotional thoughts shared by John Piper) and ultimately on the goodness of our God – the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer.

Want to Talk About It?

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