At RADIUS we believe deeply in the power of story. God often uses our personal stories to help draw others to Himself. We hope you find yourself in one of the stories below. If you would like to talk to someone after viewing a story, please reach out to us.

As part of our We Are Sent series, Donna Johns shares her story of being sent with grace. She tells us how the overflow of  salvation is what compels her to share the Good News with her friends and neighbors.

As part of our “We Are Sent” series, Frank Seeby was gracious enough to share his story of God sending him to Africa. On his trip with Hydromissions International, Frank met a man named Washington in Uganda who wanted to start a fish farm so that he could provide for his family (and ultimately use the proceeds from that first farm to “pay it forward” to start someone else). After running from the idea at first, Frank approached his small group at Lexington United Methodist and was able to raise the necessary funds to start Washington’s fish farm. How many times does God place something in our path that will draw us closer to Him when we step outside of our comfort zone and into deeper obedience?

As part of our “We Are Sent” series, Ben & Rebecca Edmonds sat down with us to share their story of struggle. Their story is like many stories of God using brokenness to bring about redemption. It is also an amazing story of how God uses community to change and mold us, both as individuals and as a community of faith.

Kyle & Claudia Smiley were kind enough to sit down and share their story of real faith giving them strength for real life. Kyle was diagnosed with Stage IV colon/liver cancer in May and given 18-24 months to live. Kyle has recently met Jesus and is finding strength, grace and joy in his pain. Please pray for the Smiley family as they walk this tough road.

Chad Morris was kind enough to sit down with us and talk about his story of finding rest in the Gospel.

Michael Johnson took some time to share his story of meeting Jesus and what kind of legacy he wants to leave for his family.

Brandon Duffner shares his story of finding Jesus through community after growing up in a Jewish home.