• September 2, 2015

Zach Farrar | Groups Coordinator

Fall Community Groups are getting ready to launch in the next few weeks. For the last two weeks we have been talking about opportunities for you to connect in community. This week, I want to bring your attention to a new set of offerings in our Community Groups Catalog: Go Groups.

Go Groups are designed to help us continue to be on mission in our community. Traditionally our Community Groups have all maintained an element of being missional, but Go Groups exist for the sole purpose of reaching out in our radius. These groups offer opportunities to serve together outside of our church’s walls. From Disaster Relief training to working with Camp Nathanael in Kentucky – these groups help us to spread the love of Jesus to folks both locally and non-locally.

For the last few years, Ken and Barbara Spencer have been leading one of these groups: Club RADIUS. As we talk about what Go Groups do and what they look like, I thought it might be best to just show you. Below is their story.

If you have any questions about the Go Groups or if you need any guidance on where you might fit best, I’d love to talk to you. You can reach out to me here.

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