Middle School Beach Retreat 2016

This year at the Beach Retreat I remember distinctly having great conversations with a few students after reading 1 John. A few of our students exercised risk in not only coming on the trip with us but also having the courage to ask real questions. The greatest moment was our last night at Garden City Chapel sitting on the balcony after small groups. One of our students asked me, “How do I live like Jesus? I hardly know him.” It prompted a 2 hour conversation that as we talked more and more students gathered around and were exposed to the Gospel. That student has since quit things that were distractions and has continually run after students in her friend group. It’s been great to see her heart change and it began by taking the risk to ask the questions. (by Shawn Crews)

High School Beach Retreat 2016

High School Beach Retreat was a blast. The beauty of Beach Retreat is that students that wouldn’t typically attend our gathering or a Discipleship oriented retreat chose to come to the beach with us. This year the story changed for a couple boys. They were exposed to Jesus in an environment that affirmed them and allowed them to come out of their shell. Boys that would typically not hang out became the best of friends and have built on that friendship since. While in small groups these boys put everything on the line and lived out our value of authenticity. Garden City Chapel was a lot of fun, but it was also a place where a lot of progress was made in discipling these young men over 4 days. (by Joe Pitts)

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