RADIUS’ high school ministry aimed to make an impact for the Kingdom by doing missions in a major U.S. metropolitan area this past summer, Boston, Massachusetts. Because of their low percentage of Evangelicals (1:7786), Boston is a challenging area to do missions. Our high school students did an amazing job helping a local church, Mosaic Boston, make touches for Jesus around the city. Our students fed the homeless, set up and broke down church services, did college and citywide granola bar ministry, and helped facilitate small groups for Mosaic. While doing so they were able to be immersed in an entirely different U.S. culture than the Bible Belt most are growing up in currently. This was a shock and overall very rich experience we all grew from. There are so many takeaways. In all, our students were able to foster Mosaic Boston in many ways in hopes that Bostonians will come hear the Good News and plant more churches in the city! (by Jacob Smith)

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