Amanda Khalil, one of our longtime RADIUS partners, had an idea. Through an organization called Lighthouse For Life, she became increasingly aware about the realities of human trafficking in the United States and believed that God wanted her to play whatever role she could in fighting against this injustice. As a first step, she and her husband Salim formed a weekly community group that spent time praying and examining Scripture to learn how God’s grace empowers us to live a life of justice in our communities.

Over the course of 2016, the group members discovered how the Lord could use their individual gifts and temperaments to care for victims of sex trafficking, as well to bring this horrific practice to an end in this town. Salim now uses his gifts of administration and leadership as a board member for Lighthouse while Amanda serves as a local advocate and speaker. Two others in the group are overseeing the construction and renovation project of a new safehouse for victims of trafficking. Another uses her connections in law enforcement to help network and raise awareness, while another uses her skill as a a personal trainer to provide care and encouragement to the leadership of Lighthouse. Other group members volunteer with their time at events, while others participate through their financial and prayer support. This group has been a beautiful example of how when people become aware of the grace that God has extended to them, they cannot help but extend that same mercy toward others.

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  1. Salim Khalil

    One important addition to this story should be the inclusion that Jen Thompson became the Director for Lighthouse for Life during this small group. She took a big jump in her career to follow God calling her to love and serve victims and young people that often can’t help themselves. She is doing an incredible job!

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