I’m not sure where to start! I’ve learned so much working in RADIUS Kids. Not only has it helped me broaden my knowledge on the word of God but it has taught me patience and to love with my whole heart. Serving in Kids has given me confidence, I wasn’t 100% sure I would do well working with kids.

RADIUS Kids has also opened my eyes to better understand that every kid is different and so are their needs. The kids I get to work with have brought love and laughter to me! I’ve also learned to use my voice to speak up and share the word of God and my love for Him! RADIUS Kids has become a part of my heart and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to serve within. Hearing Shannon’s story one Sunday hit close to home. It took me 21 years to hear someone tell me that I am worthy, I am loved, and that the Lord will forgive me. I hope to be that voice to some of these children. I can only pray that I make a positive difference in their lives as they have done in mine. (by Brooke Gibbs)

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