Everyone has a story – stories of surrender, which enable us to do something for the Kingdom’s sake; stories of hearts passionate for loved ones to be saved, which enable us to overcome our fears and act in faith.  Surely Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba didn’t feel usable by God. Surely they felt afraid of the unknown; uncomfortable at the edge of surrender.

I am thankful, generations later, for their stories. Thankful for RADIUS ladies who have shared their personal stories – allowing God to use them in order to fulfill His purposes. How could I not pass this on? Yet, I was afraid to share how God had worked in my life. I felt uncomfortable talking in front of a small group of ladies at the Ladies Gathering. I knew my God was trustworthy in the big events that made the story, but did I trust Him in the details of sharing it? I couldn’t do it on my own, but in deep reliance on Him, there is peace and comfort on the other side of surrendering our ordinary selves to God’s ways and to His Extra-ordinary Story.  (by Rebecca Edmonds)

Post Series: Stories of 2016

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