Psalm 40

We all know of at least a few ‘one hit wonders’. In the music world, ‘one hit wonders’ are those artists who blow up on the scene for one song and then disappear because they never produce another great track. Vanilla Ice, Sister Sledge and many more are great examples of the nearly 53% of artists who produced music between 1955-2005 and only appeared in the Billboard Top 100 for one track.  While it’s definitely not desirable a career to be known as a ‘one hit wonder’ in the music industry, it certainly isn’t desirable in the Christian life.

We all know someone who still tells the story of 30 years ago when they first started following Jesus, but has no new evidence of God’s activity in their lives. Instead, we should be those who strive to “wait on the Lord” with eagerness and expectation as David points out in Psalm 40. As we wait on the Lord and He changes us, we can tell those stories of His goodness and activity in our lives and that “new song” will inspire others around us to pursue Him as well.

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Post Series: REALationships: A Study of Psalms

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