• August 21, 2015

God’s Story is Overwhelming

God’s story is playing out through all of eternity. As we read Scripture, we are given a written account of His narrative. As we live our lives, we are given an opportunity to participate in His great epic that began at Creation and will one day end with a new Heaven and a new Earth.

Our journey into the story of Joseph began with a recap of God’s activity from Creation through His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As we walked through the vast amounts of activity that the first 36 chapters of Genesis show us, the breadth of activity was overwhelming for many. As such, we thought it would be helpful to briefly highlight the major movements of God’s story.

Creation (Gen. 1:1-2:25)

God created everything. He spoke into being Light and Darkness, the Heavens and the Earth, and all plants and animals. At the pinnacle of His creation, He created man and woman in His image – to rule over the earth and subdue it.

Fall (Gen. 3:1-6:8)

The man and woman desired to be like God – to know good and evil – and they chose to rebel. Their actions brought about the first crisis: sin. As part of God’s judgment for sin, He expels Adam and Eve from their paradise, curses Adam’s work and Eve’s childbearing. After being removed from paradise, Adam and Eve bring forth children, Cain and Abel. Cain kills his brother Abel and the cancer of sin continues to spread through their family line. As the generations continue to increase, so does the impact of sin on the human race and throughout all of creation.

Flood (Gen. 6:9-9:17)

God sees the overwhelming wickedness of the people and is compelled to act in justice. He chooses to preserve a single family from which He will restart His redemptive process. God chooses to use Noah and his family. After destroying the Earth through flood, He promises to never use floodwaters to destroy the Earth again.

Promise (Gen 9; 12; 15; 21; 25; 28)

The flood did not solve the sin problem because sin still ruled in people’s hearts and God’s plan to redeem mankind through a single lineage begins to unfold. God begins to make promises (also called covenants) with people. Noah is the first promise, and after a few generations, God makes another covenant with a man named Abram – that Abram will be the father of many descendants, that he will inherit a Promised Land and that through his descendants all people will be blessed. In spite of having no offspring at the time of the promise, Abram (later called Abraham) believes God’s promise and it is counted to him as righteousness. God delivers on the promise of offspring and grants Abraham a son named Isaac. For the next two generations, God re-affirms this covenant through the life of Isaac and Isaac’s son, Jacob. God’s story continues to unfold as He continues to redeem this chosen family who will one day become a great nation – Israel. One from this nation – Jesus – will fulfill God’s promise to bless all people.


  1. The story of God is overwhelming. The “overwhelmingness” of the story should directly reflect the overwhelmingness of God Himself. In the vastness of the story we can see the reflection of the vastness and greatness of God. Because God Himself is overwhelming we should find great peace in His sovereignty over and His capacity to run the universe.
  2. The God of this story is personal. As we read the biblical accounts of the Creation, the Fall, the Flood and the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob it is apparent that God is intimately involved in the lives of people. As large as God is, He still cares for and lovingly guides, directs and maintains relationship with people. Because He is personal, we should desire to deepen our relationship with Him.
  3. God is calling us to be part of His story. We are faced with a choice to participate in the story of God as He buys back the whole of creation or fight against the story He is writing and choose to continue to live in rebellion against Him. How we respond to this choice will determine how He responds to us in eternity.

Want to Talk About It?

Do you have questions about your place in God’s story? Do you have questions about God’s activity in your life? We’d love to help by walking with you. You can reach out to us and begin a conversation.

Over the coming week’s we’ll look at how God interacts with Jacob’s son, Joseph, and how his life can be instructive to us as we find our place in God’s story.

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