The Story – Old Testament: The Prophets – Part 2

In an effort to get an overview of how the Bible works, it is helpful to look at the bigger pieces of Scripture (Creation, Fall, Flood, Nations, Abraham, etc.). As we started this year looking at the larger portions of the book of Genesis, we now turn our sites to running through the remainder of the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Jesus at Christmas. A few weeks ago we looked at how the prophet Elijah warned the people of Israel that if they did not follow God’s laws that God would judge them harshly. The people’s affections for God had waned and eventually both the Northern & Southern Kingdoms of Israel were taken into captivity. This week, Zach Farrar revisited some of the other prophets that were used by God during the time of the two kingdoms to speak truth to His people, Israel. Zach walked through Jeremiah, Isaiah and Hosea in an effort to portray the ‘Father heart’ of God and how even He felt the pain of having to punish His people for their sin. Most evident throughout the ministry of the prophets is not only the coming judgment for the people’s sin, but God’s love and desire to draw them back to Himself. In the midst of the words of condemnation and punishment, there are words that point to a future hope. A coming King. One that would not set them free from politics or governments or outside forces, but One who would set them free from their sin. As we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus this week, this is a great opportunity to consider what His first coming means for our lives. And to look beyond His birth and toward His return, when He will come to rule and reign with peace and justice.

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