The Story – Old Testament: The Kings

In an effort to get an overview of how the Bible works, it is helpful to look at the bigger pieces of Scripture (Creation, Fall, Flood, Nations, Abraham, etc.). As we started this year looking at the larger portions of the book of Genesis, we now turn our sites to running through the remainder of the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Jesus at Christmas. This week John Reeves led us through the life of King David. He walked through the story of David as a young man being anointed by Samuel and how, as a man after God’s own heart, David’s journey to being the leader of Israel began with humility and integrity. That humility served him well, when later in life he sinned grievously against God but, when confronted with his sin, he “owned” it and repented. While there were consequences and family difficulties, David’s relationship with God was restored because he humbled himself and asked for forgiveness. David’s story is not unlike many of us, who have sinned deeply against God and now have an opportunity to own-up to it and ask for forgiveness. Do you need to take a moment today and confess and make yourself right with the One, True King?

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