Every radius, our radius

Vision 2017 is based upon our belief that real life requires real faith, and so real faith must infiltrate all segments of life. Our faith isn’t just one piece of a pie that includes other pieces like business, family, sports, and schools to name a few. Rather our faith is like the apples in an apple pie – it belongs in every piece! Real life happens in every piece of the pie, so real faith must go there too.

Vision 2017 starts that conversation by painting several targets on the wall. These targets are important, but don’t make the mistake of limiting Vision 2017 to these goals. Vision 2017 calls us to take our faith to every radius, for every radius is our radius.


3 Priests

It is our hope that each person who calls RADIUS Church home would endeavor to make 3 priests by the end of 2017. We believe deeply in the priesthood of the believer as described in 1 Peter 2:9. As priests we are to be active in making more priests and calling more people into deeper relationship with Jesus. We define a priest as someone who espouses 3 characteristics:

  1. Rest – A priest should be able to rest in the Gospel.
  2. Real – A priest should be authentic.
  3. Responsible – A priest should take spiritual responsibility for others in their radius.

2 Churches

It is our hope that by the end of 2017 we will plant 2 additional churches in the Midlands of South Carolina. Church planting has been a core value of RADIUS Church since the beginning and it continues to be a primary focus of our time, energy and resources. Planting churches allows new leaders to be developed, it allows those outside of Gospel community to be invited into Gospel community and it allows us to spread the Gospel of Jesus into new places in new ways.


1 School

We are raising a generation of boys who are struggling with life. We think that we can help reverse this trend, so we are working to catalyze a charter school for boys. The Honor Academy would be a state charter school that RADIUS would help get off the ground with the right leaders, DNA, and resources. It would teach boys in the 6th – 12 grades to be honorable men.